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‘Masud Rana’ on silver screen again after 44 years

  • Published at 11:15 pm July 31st, 2018
Masud Rana
Jaaz Multimedia signs five year right to produce three ‘Masud Rana’ novella adaptations on Sunday FaceBook

This time around three films will be made from the popular series

“Masud Rana” will come to the silver screen after 44 long years, in the hands of film producer Abdul Aziz.

Many generations of Bangladeshis grew up reading this popular series, created by Qazi Anwar Hussain and published by Sheba Prokashoni.

“Bishmaron” was the first adaptation of the series in 1974, made by actor-filmmaker-producer Masud Parvez. No further adaptation reached the silver screen all these years because the author Qazi Anwar Hussain did not give the rights to the series to anyone else. 

This time around three films will be made from the series that is popularly known as Bangladeshi James Bond, confirmed Abdul Aziz on July 29.

He said that, under the banner of Jaaz Multimedia, three Masud Rana films will be made over the next five years. Already the casting process has begun for the lead role.

The films will be adaptations of the novellas “Dhongsho-Pahar,” “Bharotnatyam,” and “Shwarnomriga” of the series.

In response to who would portray the lead role, Abdul Aziz said: “Since we will choose one person for all three films, it will be a difficult task. We are continuing efforts to find someone who will do justice to the role, just as the readers imagined.”

When asked why he is making “Masud Rana” instead of formulaic pictures, he said: “We have not created any superheroes of our own. We have no Superman or Spiderman. For us super-hero is Masud Rana.

“He is a daring spy of Bangladesh Counter Intelligence,  and travels to different countries on secret missions. Masud’s life is full of diversity. His actions are strangely mysterious. However, he is tremendously patriotic. He is simple, tempered, and equally strict. For me Masud Rana is Bangladesh’s James Bond. From that obsession I have taken the initiative of making these films.”

In regards to why no further films were made after “Bishmaron,” he said, author Qazi Anwar Hussain did not permit anyone else to make films of the series, as he feels no-one will be able to present Rana accurately. Jaaz Multimedia did ask for the rights of this film many years ago, but the author did not yield.

However, that decision changed recently. He said the author believes now that Jaaz Multimedia will be able to do justice to Masud Rana for the silver screen.

Unilever Bangladesh has also joined this massive project. Reportedly, the shooting will begin from January 2019. The script and location for the shooting are being finalized.