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Would you eat 16kg of Nutella for a World Cup football?

  • Published at 05:13 pm July 19th, 2018
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Nutella is offering a World Cup football in exchange for 16kg of the chocolate spread

A World Cup promotion by Nutella in Germany offers customers a chance to win a football printed with the signatures of Germany's World Cup team; however customers would have to cart home 35 jars of 450g Nutella to gather enough points. 

"Once again, the food industry has used the football World Cup to market sweets to children," Greens Party MP Renate Kuenast told AFP on Tuesday.

"It's a red card for Ferrero's Nutella," she added.

That adds up to "15.75 kilos of Nutella, nine kilos of sugar, five kilos of fat, 85,000 calories and €97.65 ($113.60)," Kuenast and other MPs wrote to the advertising authority.

They further charged that Ferrero had "exploited kids' special trust" in their favourite football stars by printing their photos on collectible cards.

"We have nothing against the product -- if people like it, they should eat it -- but one shouldn't suggest to children that it has something to do with being sporty, active or healthy," the MPs said.

Kuenast and the other lawmakers hope the advertising council, an industry-run body that watches for ethical breaches in advertising, will block the campaign and issue a warning to Ferrero's German division.