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Burglar breaks into escape room, cannot escape

  • Published at 06:10 pm July 12th, 2018
The burglar panicked and called 911 when he realized he was trappedBigstock

A thief breaks into an escape room and confuses his way out; ends up calling the police for rescue

A man who planned to rob an escape room eventually got trapped in the room and could not find his way out. According to The Week, he tried to enter by the back door and forgot which way he came in. 

The incident took place on Sunday in Washington, USA. The burglar, later identified as Rye Daniel Wardlaw was trying to break into the escape room by the back door but found an easier way in when he tracked down the key to the office park’s electrical service room. 

The burglar opened the door with the key that connected two rooms and knocked down some drawers on his way in. He confused himself with the escape route and called 911 in panic. However, he managed to escape from the building before police arrived, reports The Columbia.

Rob Bertrand, owner of NW Escape Experience said: “The thief had a burrito and was settling for some breakfast. But then he freaked out when he couldn’t find a way out.” 

Although the owners of NW Escape Experience are frustrated with the damage caused by the burglar; the authorities find it funny that such an incident occurred in the first place.

The thief was arrested near a strip mall where he was strolling aimlessly. He is facing a charge of second-degree burglary.