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'Freedom fighters are not important'

  • Published at 05:08 pm July 11th, 2018
  • Last updated at 11:31 pm July 11th, 2018
Screenshot from the video

A doctor on duty at a cardiac hospital abused a freedom fighter with chest pains at 3am in the morning

An emergency doctor has been accused of harassing a freedom fighter seeking aid at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and Hospital (NICDH) on Monday. Around 3am, Sheikh Faruquzzaman, with his family, came to the hospital with chest pains. 

The 65-year-old freedom fighter had initially been taken to Bangladesh Medical College Hospital, but emergency doctors suggested taking him to the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) at NICDH for better treatment. 

Faruqzzaman was taken to the emergency room, where the doctor on duty – confirmed as Dr Mosharraf Hossain Bipul – grossly misbehaved with him and his family in full view of other hospital staff and patients.

When Faruquzzaman asked to be accommodated, the doctor began shouting. Faruquzzaman asked for calm, stressing that he was a freedom fighter. 

In response, the doctor yelled: “Ami ki apnar chakor? (Am I your servant?)”

The freedom fighter had asked for a bed. The general beds were all occupied. 

Faruquzzaman’s son Sheikh Durjoy Zaman, who filed a general diary with the Sher-e-Bangla Nagar police station, elaborated: “We informed the duty doctor that my father was a freedom fighter, but the doctor continued verbally abusing him. We pointed there were three empty VIP cabins, to which he angrily retorted that those were only for VIPs and VVIPs, and that freedom fighters are not VIPs.

“He told my father to spend the night in the corridor.”

As Faruquzzaman tried to calm him down, the doctor began yelling at them to get out.

Durjoy’s wife had started recording the incident on her phone when things began to escalate. Dr Mosharraf calmed down and stormed out of the room when he noticed the mobile phone. The family stayed at the hospital for two more hours. They left around 5am. 

The video was posted on Facebook from Durjoy’s account but it was taken down after two days. Durjoy uploaded the video again, claiming his profile was hacked to remove the video.

“A doctor should not be shouting at his patients, especially when it is a patient with heart disease,” Durjoy said disappointingly. 

Currently, Faruquzzaman remains under observation by a family doctor.