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Santahar station asks help from law enforcement to combat cows

  • Published at 01:16 pm July 9th, 2018

Two passengers have already slipped on cow dung and injured themselves

In Bogra’s Santahar railway junction, cows with an insouciant attitude are traipsing onto the rail tracks, cantering along the platform in their insouciant manner, completely unwary of the risk they are creating.

The chances of accidents have also increased as the unruly cows wander over the rail tracks. The excessive cow dung has also polluted the environment. 

With his back to the wall, Rezaul Karim, a station master, has filed an application to various law enforcement agencies asking for their help to deter the cows and prevent anything untoward from happening.

The application reads, “The oppression of cows has recently surged at Shantahar junction and nearby areas. The cows loiter around the platform all day. They relieve themselves frequently, dirtying the platform. Two passengers have slipped on the cow dung and injured themselves. The recklessness of the cows can cause an accident any time.”

Akbar Hossain, officer-in-charge of Santahar Railway GRP Station, confirmed receiving the application and said the police will take necessary arrangements.

The cows often get on the platform | Dhaka Tribune

The station master also adds the locals leave their cows unattended in the open. He said the owners remain nonchalant even after awareness campaigns took place. Now as a last resort, they are approaching the police for help. 

Babla Hossain, a hawker at Shantahar junction, said: “The passengers are facing troubles because of the wild roving and defecation by cows, especially on luggage. The cows also enter the local shops and eat the food.”

A passenger named Rokhsana Akhtar complained: “I have not seen cows wandering like this in any other train station in Bangladesh. These are quite large cows, they scare children. Accidents can happen at any point.”

Kalu Mia, a local who owns cows, informed: “We do not have any spare land to graze cows. They are set free at the station every morning and brought back home in the evening. I admit that sometimes the cows get on the platform. But, I will try to leash my cows from now on.”