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How to give an interview when the cat is sitting on your head

  • Published at 02:49 pm July 9th, 2018
  • Last updated at 02:55 pm July 9th, 2018
Polish political scientist Dr Jerzy Targalski and his cat LisioTwitter

Dr Jerzy Targalski is a master of self-control, sitting through an interview reigned over by his cat

When Polish political scientist Dr Jerzy Targalski was being interviewed on Dutch television channel Nieuwsuur about the ongoing political turmoil in Poland, his cat Lisio stole the spotlight.

The academic was being interviewed at his home, while the ginger pussy decided to sit on his head. The cat tried to get Jerzy’s attention throughout the interview, but the academic seemed to be least bothered as he continued discussing the matter at hand. He patiently brushed off the cat’s tail off his face everytime Lisio thought his owner needed a brushing.

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Jerzy is a regular guest on the show and this was not the first time the cat made its way to the cameras. Earlier, this month Lisio was seen during an interview when it tried to take a nap on Jerzy’s lap.

Last year, a BBC interview went viral when a child sauntered into a room with hugely animated gestures during an interview.