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Barack Obama in a video game is tons of fun

  • Published at 04:02 pm July 3rd, 2018

The 44th POTUS is a gun-toting, airstrike-calling vigilante in a video game

He is back. 44 is back in a video game that has already made a comeback from a 90s release fiasco. Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of the United States of American, Barry O’ Bomber, Bardock Obama, or Dirty Barry as he will henceforth be known as, is available as a DLC character in Shaq Fu – A Legend Reborn.

The original Shaq Fu game came out in 1994 to several handheld video game consoles. The idea was to bank on the sky-high popularity of basketball superstar Shaquille O’ Neal as the protagonist and make it a blockbuster hit. The game sold reasonably well for obvious reasons, but was reviled unanimously, even by Shaq himself to an extent. But Big Shaq put up some mo’ money on a crowd-sourcing platform and lo! Shaq Fu – A Legend Reborn was developed to much, much better reviews.

In the DLC Barack Fu: The Legend of Dirty Barry, you can play as the gun-toting, airstriking, street-fighting, profanity-spewing, Team America-esque vigilante. Most of the attributes will go down well with Barack’s real-life haters (the NRA).

The beautiful DLC also features parodies of French politician Marine Le Pen as a boss named Marine Le Pig and rapper Kanye West as Con-Ye.

Both Shaq Fu – A Legend Reborn and Barack Fu: The Legend of Dirty Barry are available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.