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The Simpsons predicted a Mexico-Portugal World Cup final

  • Published at 04:19 pm June 29th, 2018
Did the Simpsons predict the World Cup 2018 finals?20th Century Fox

This year's World Cup has seen both teams be dominant, and fans are hoping for a final between the two countries. Just like The Simpsons predicted!

The Simpsons have so far uncannily predicted Donald Trump's presidency, Disney's Fox takeover and the Ebola outbreak.

Maybe this World Cup, they will prove their precognitive abilities once again. 

In 1997, the episode "The Cartridge Family" poked fun at the sport with its meaningless but exotic player names such as Ariaga, Ariaga II and Bariaga, and the impatience Americans had for the sport.

In that fictional match, Mexico and Portugal battled it out to "determine once and for all which nation is the greatest on earth."

Fans of Mexico and Portugal might have a wonderful time imagining their favourites in the finals, but it’s certainly a long shot. These teams will have to fight some formidable teams in the knockout stages including Spain, Belgium, Germany, and Brazil.