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After Oscar qualifier run, ‘Life In Other Words’ now streaming on Shorts TV

  • Published at 11:02 pm June 26th, 2018

The film is available to stream on Amazon Prime, Vimeo on demand and Shorts TV now. Viewers can pay to watch the film online

“Life In Other Words” director Abrar Athar has returned from Short Shorts Film Festival, Japan, an Oscar qualifying film festival where his film competed in the Asia International Section June 4-24. The winner of this highly prestigious award qualifies for the Oscars.

Abrar told Showtime: “We didn’t win, but we did really well with the jury. Linda Olszewski and Takashi Miike were on the jury (among others) and loved our film… And through Linda we got a syndication deal with Shorts TV.”

Even though the Oscar run for the film is over, it is still making rounds in international film festival circuit. The film will screen at the New Filmmakers Film Festival, Los Angeles this August.

Earlier this month, “Life In Other Words” won the Silver Remi at WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, which is the oldest independent film festival in the world. WorldFest gave first awards to giants of the film industry, including Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ang Lee, the Coen Brothers, Ridely Scott and David Lynch.

Some of the notable film festivals “Life In Other Words” travelled to so far include San Jose International Short Film Festival 2017 (Honourable Mention- Best Comedy), Bahamas International Film Festival 2017, Southside Film Festival, New York Indian Film Festival, Gold Movie Awards Goddess Nike (Best Short, Best Screenplay), ARFF Around Films International Film Festival (Best Director), Tally Shorts Film Festival, Out of the Can Film Festival, Ocean Coast Film Festival, International Filmmakers Festival of World Cinema and so on.

The film is available to stream on Amazon Prime, Vimeo on demand and Shorts TV now. Viewers can pay to watch the film online.

“I thought about putting it up for free but we spent a lot of money on this and we hope to recover some of it,” Abrar said.

“‘Life In Other Words’ is, before anything, a real story. A real story about real people,” Abrar said about his film. “The story is about Kabir Shaheb’s family and their dreams. It’s about sacrifice. It’s about Hena choosing to eat only after everyone in the family has had their share. It’s about broken dreams and hopes; because after all she has to go through, Reenu dreams that someday, someone, preferably handsome, will see all the love she has to give.”

“There’s a Kabir Shaheb in all of us, and all he is screaming out for is some love and understanding,” Abrar added.

The screenplay for “Life In Other Words” is co-written by Abrar Athar and Nuhash Humayun.