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‘Kaler Putul’ director receives short film grant

  • Published at 01:31 am June 10th, 2018
Aka Reza Ghalib Facebook

Murder mystery “Kaler Putul” (2018) director Aka Reza Ghalib received the National Film Grant for making his short film “Dhor.” Based on a short story by Liberation War researcher and writer Afsan Chowdhury, the short film will follow one day in the life of the protagonist during the war. 

Ghalib told Showtime that his film will highlight a human angle. 

“It is in the early stage of pre-production. The story demands to be shot in the monsoon. So, we’ll go into production very soon,” Ghalib said. 

About the film’s possible distribution, Ghalib said: “It won’t be released in theatres, as it is a short film. But like the Short Film Forum, we’ll go for alternative distribution.”

The director said he will take the film to film festivals and after the festival run is over, he’ll make it available online. 

“It’s not a commercial film. So, my target is thatit reaches the maximum number of audience through screenings and online,” he said.

Ghalib’s directorial debut “Kaler Putul” has recently been selected to compete in the Asia Pacific Screen Awards along with director Akram Khan’s “Khancha” (2017). The competition selects two to three films from each country in the Asia Pacific to compete for the top prize. 

Ferdous Ahmed starrer “Kaler Putul” and Jaya Ahsan starrer “Khancha” are also slated to screen at the Bangladesh Film Festival in Kolkata from June 25-28. Organized by the Federation of Film Societies in India, the festival will showcase eight feature films from Bangladesh.