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Former BTV deputy DG recalls a sweet and conflicted Tazin Ahmed

  • Published at 09:50 pm June 4th, 2018
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Actor Tazin Ahmed won the hearts of millions with the simplicity of her acting and her endearing personality. Forever smiling, no one could’ve foreseen her sudden and untimely demise.  

Former BTV deputy director general Kha Ma Harun directed the actor on multiple occasions. Now the head of the film and television department at Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Harun recalls his long acquaintance with the elusive actor in a chat with the Dhaka Tribune’s Showtime.

He said he had known Tazin since she was a college student, when she anchored several TV shows. 

“The first thing I noticed was her endearing personality,” Harun said. “She would endear everyone around her… So, anyone who got to know her personally could never forget her.”

He added that whenever Tazin worked on set, it was evident that she came from a well-off family and was very intelligent. “She used to study journalism at Dhaka University and worked as a journalist at some newspaper. Her mother also worked at a semi-government institute,” he said. 

“She never met her father, but she never showed a hint of sorrow over this.” 

Tazin used to help out other artists in need by giving away her savings, he added. 

“She used to love to wear bangles. She had many gold ones, which she sold to pay for Sanjeeb Choudhury’s treatment.”

Harun said Tazin didn’t share her financial or psychological troubles with others, adding that she had suicidal tendencies and had attempted suicide more than once. “Maybe the strain those attempts put on her body was the reason for her early demise,” Harun speculated. 

The director also commended Tazin for having high professional standards. 

“She was a very serious and intelligent actor. She was always on time. She maintained a good professional relationship with everyone.” 

He recollected a show she once hosted on channel 1 where he was invited as a guest. 

“Her delight to see me and her endearing smile- these are her qualities that touch people the most. Anyone who knew her will always remember these small gestures.” 

But she was a romantic, not a realist, he said. “She wanted to act full time, leaving behind her successful career as a journalist.” 

Most people were unaware of what she was going through in her final years.

“A lot of people say- where were you all this time? Why didn’t anyone help her? But the truth is, we didn’t know she was suffering,” Harun added. 

Tazin Ahmed died from a heart attack in Dhaka on May 22.