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PAW - an organisation dedicated to rescuing injured animals in Bangladesh

  • Published at 01:03 am October 4th, 2017
  • Last updated at 01:27 am October 4th, 2017
PAW - an organisation dedicated to rescuing injured animals in Bangladesh
Lokkhi had a 50/50 chance of survival when a group of children cut deep into its throat one year ago, while they were trying to poach it. Ridding itself of the risk, the puppy managed to began a new life with the help of the People for Animal Welfare (PAW) Foundation, an organisation of animal rights activists. PAW Foundation activists rescued the puppy from the brink of death, treated it at its veterinary clinic, PAW Life Care Centre, and later gave it a sweet name: Lokkhi. However, Lokkhi has not fully recovered as yet. The organisation in the last three years has rescued over 60 such injured animals from different areas and treated them at either PAW Life Care Centre at Lalmatia or at Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre located at Amin Bazar in Dhaka. Visiting the centre, the Dhaka Tribune correspondent found 10 dogs being treated there. Among the dogs, Kalu with a big tumour on the nose has been receiving treatment for the last six months. Ratna Juliana Gomes, director of volunteer management and rehabilitation at the PAW Foundation, said the clinic provides treatment to abused, wounded animals, especially cats and dogs, everyday from 5pm to 9pm.

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At the beginning, there was only one veterinary physician at the clinic to provide treatment to animals. Now, Faisal Talukder, who works at Central Veterinary Hospital, serves the centre as full-time physician. Also, there are some visiting physicians and trained volunteers at the clinic. “Our prime physician, Faisal, conducts spay and neuter surgery on dogs.  Every day two to three people visit our clinic with their pets.  The number goes up on weekends,” said Rakibul Haq Emil, founder of PAW Foundation. “We conduct surgery on animals at Tk1,500, or Tk2,000, or Tk10,000, depending on the nature of disease,” he added. The organisation was founded with a charitable contribution and has been working for animals, especially the stray ones, since its inception in 2015. Emil said they had established the organisation with an aim to raise awareness about animal rights and to protect them from abuse. “We want to see more people come forward to protect animals from different forms of abuse. We will continue our campaigns to this end. People ought to accept not only healthy animals as their pets, but also those with disabilities,” he added. Emil also said they would be able to provide even greater services if they get necessary assistance from the government and private organisations.