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5 ways to deal with post-Eid dilemmas

  • Published at 11:35 pm July 2nd, 2017
  • Last updated at 11:41 pm July 2nd, 2017
5 ways to deal with post-Eid dilemmas
Having a hard time dragging yourself to work every morning after the nine-day long Eid vacay? Tell us about it! But here are a few pointers on breaking out of the post-festive lethargy and getting yourself back on your feet. 2 No more late night shows You may have picked up a bad habit or two during the long holidays and staying up late at night to binge-watch your favourite show may be one. Break the cycle by setting your alarm at six in the morning and do not nap the entire day no matter how difficult it may be. Keep yourself hydrated and active. Stick to waking up early the next few days and your sleep cycle will fall back in place in no time. 3 Lift your spirits No matter how much you may cringe at getting out of the comfort of your bed and back to work, there’s no denying that work can be fun too. Sure you have to prepare yourself to storm through the gridlock out on the streets every day but don’t let that stop you from having fun. Update the play list on your phone, invest in extra-curricular activities and schedule something fun for after work, such as catching up with colleagues over coffee or dinner. 1 Diet and exercise It’s only normal to feel lethargic after all the delish Eid platters you have been stuffing yourself with during the holidays. It’s time to cut down on spicy, oily food and start eating clean. Limit your salt intake and eat baked, grilled or steamed veggies and chicken for the week. If it’s too bland for you, add a little apple cider vinegar or a spritz of lemon for some added flavour. Don’t forget to sweat off those few extra kilos you have gained over the last week—we recommend walking or jogging for a good 40-minutes on the treadmill a day. Remember, getting your adrenaline pumping from a workout session also boosts your energy level, preparing you to beat the post-festive blues. 4 Make a to-do list As soon as you get to work, grab a pen and notepad and start making a list of the things you have to do for the day. Don’t worry if you want to take a break in between tasks, but don’t push yourself to multitask. This is not the time for it. 5 Make plans for the weekend Keep your head high. The weekend is just five days away. The first week after the holidays may be a little bumpy but if you manage to power through it, you’ll fall right back on track from the next. In the meantime, look forward to the weekend. Movies, concerts, bowling, exhibitions! There’s so much to do.