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Five steps to fun

  • Published at 02:27 pm January 8th, 2017
Five steps to fun
Was it a friend’s party, or that really awesome music festival you attended? Or even a quiet walk in the park? Were you alone, or with friends? What was the ambience like? This month is all about finding ways to bring a fresh and positive change into our lives. Fun is a big part of that equation. Here’s looking at a few ways to bring some of that Vitamin F into your life.


Nothing brings about a greater sense of accomplishment than creating something by yourself. This year, consider planning to learn a skill towards making something by you. It could be as simple as learning to cook a new dish, or following a YouTube tutorial to finally nail that contouring trick. You could try your hands at a home improvement project, or even make a video, as long as you’re doing it all by yourself. Not only does this come with a happy sense of validation, it gives one a greater appreciation for the services we take for granted, and, depending on your project, it just might mean saving up on some cash.


We’re so connected via devices and social networking, that we sometimes don’t realise how alone we’ve become. Quality conversations are giving way to Snapchat and one-line text messages. Resist the temptation to overload on the Froot Loops of communication. Meet up with an old friend and choose not to take a selfie for a change. Assign an hour a day where you go tech free and just talk to your partner, or even enjoy some companionable silence. It’s nerve-wracking at first, but so good for the soul in the long run.


A new language, or a hot new dance. It doesn’t matter. With a shiny new year ahead of you, this would be a good time to pencil in a class. Step out of your comfort zone to learn something unusual and different; it could totally blow you away. The Internet is full of amazing online courses and learning apps for those who cannot carve out the time for a physical class. In addition, Dhaka now offers a wide range of workshops and classes in everything from yoga to creative writing. Aside from the fact that learning something new is fun on its own, you might end up diversifying your portfolio to qualify for that amazing job you didn’t even realise you were right for.


This city can get so toxic sometimes; it’s literally good for your health to get out of it sometimes. Book a trip for yourself, where you have nothing on the agenda but relaxation and exploration. It doesn’t have to be a fancy location; over the year, we’ve featured plenty of local getaways that won’t break the bank.


Most resolutions made towards the end of December are broken before April the following year. This year, focus on finishing at least one project. It could be as simple as finally cleaning out your storeroom, or as grand as starting your own business, but as long as you actually put your thoughts into work, you will find yourself growing in ways you can’t conceive at this moment. Remember that action is the bridge between dreams and reality.