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The Last Booby Trap

  • Published at 03:27 pm November 26th, 2016
The Last Booby Trap

After a little nap, I felt myself regaining my energy. I got up and walked forward. I saw a huge maze. I had to get to the correct route to get all the way to the end. It was a real nightmare. I ran through every route randomly. I felt that I was almost there. The maze was huge and was very cold inside. The icy walls glimmered like stars and diamonds. I got worn out after twenty minutes. I drank water from the canteen and ate a sandwich as well. When I walked forward, I saw many routes in front of me. They were all glimmering. But I was unsure. I couldn’t choose just any of the routes. I kept observing them for a few minutes and kept thinking.

Just then, I noticed one route that was a little different. It sparkled and shone more brightly than the other routes. I walked entered route and it was like Antarctica. I shivered and my teeth chattered. I couldn’t take it anymore. So I ran and ran and ran and ran. Eventually, a message appeared on the wall in capital letters. It had said that I had come closer to my victory to get to the end of this maze. I sped up even more. But my victory was shattered. It was a dead end. I cursed this maze and myself. I was very mad.

After a little while, I looked around and I saw a lot of snow. A lot. I thought to myself. What if there could be a clue in the snow? I dived In and started digging. But there was nothing. I dug up another pit of snow but all I found was a branch. I dug up all the pits of snow and right before my eyes, I had found a map. On top of it was written ‘MAP TO UNLOCK DOME OF KLIFF KINGDOM.’ My eyes grew wider. I looked at the map and it told me where to go from where I was. I was very thankful to God for helping me find the right route.

The map told me that firstly, I needed a something, strong enough to break a weak part of the icy wall. I grabbed the branch and looked for a weak spot on the glimmering walls. I had noticed a light, round crack. I charged my hands and broke the icy wall. Splinters collapsed everywhere in the ground. In front of me, I saw the sunlight, the snow, and the trees. I ran outside and lay down on the snow, thanking and praying to God.