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Super foods

  • Published at 03:38 pm October 24th, 2016
Super foods
First thing we need to understand is which foods are more nutritious and on the same note low in calories. If this can be figured out then we have cracked the code! We can now work on our meals better, and actively think about the recipes. So let's check out some of the super foods, which are highly effective in keeping us in shape, are outright nutritious, and most importantly, easily available.

Egg whites:

We all know protein is the base on which a diet should be built. Egg whites are a cheap source of complete protein. In this part of the world, a common breakfast in most households is omelet and roti. And unless you have a heart condition, and have been advised to avoid yolks, your omelet will most likely be made up of a whole egg. Whole eggs are fantastic – they are rich in protein and good cholesterol. The problem with the yolk, however, is that it contains all the fats and that too, in high density, which makes a whole egg calorie dense in comparison to its size. Therefore, when looking staying fit, simply avoid the yolk and keep the white only; even if you make an omelet of five egg whites, it won't be adding much to your diet in terms of calories. And when using the much-loved traditional condiments such as onions, tomatoes and coriander, you won't be losing out on flavour either.

Lean chicken and beef:

The leaner the better. Yes, if we buy lean chicken and beef we can significantly reduce our calorie intake. Meat is also another prime example of high protein food. And since even the lean variety will have a bit of fat in it, you wont need to add extra oil when cooking, in keeping with your healthy regime.

Lentils and beans:

A food that is packed with fibrous carbohydrate, starchy carbohydrate, plant proteins and other vitamins and minerals. But what is the best thing about lentils and beans? It fills you up easily! More importantly, on their own they are not very calorie dense. So adding lentils or beans in your diet can do wonders. So start being imaginative in the kitchen with some lentils and beans recipes.


My absolute favourite source of protein and healthy fat is fish. As Bangladeshis, fish is readily available to us and is a big part of our daily diet. Fish is less calorie dense while it provides us with the right amount of protein. Most importantly, fish is a great source of is healthy fat which is really important for proper functioning of our system.


The spud usually gets a bad reputation as a provider of carb, but it actually also contains a host of vitamins and minerals and is one of the most satiating foods in the world. Eat a side of potatoes with your fish, egg white omelet or lean meat as a carbohydrate source and you will feel full. Of course, in keeping with the healthy eating regime, you'll have to avoid the more traditional favourite such as fries, crisps of buttery mash. But having them boiled or baked and seasoned with salt and pepper is a great way to eating potatoes in a healthy way.


Fruits are one of the best diet friendly foods you will find around you. Eat your fruits for several reasons. Number one they are a fast food, they contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals, they have fibre, which slows down sugar release, they are a good source of carbohydrate, they can be added to various other health food, lastly they fill you up and keeps sugar cravings away. So fruits should be your go to trans fat free dessert whenever you feel the urge to have something sweet after a meal. Now that you know what to eat (and avoid), its time to get creative in the kitchen, because eating healthy does not mean compromising on flavour. Cooking and eating healthy has never been easier than now, with the treasure trove of recipes the internet has to offer.  
BIO: Reaz Mahmud Fiem is a fitness enthusiast who wishes to help people stay healthy