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Tech giants form organisation to spread AI knowledge

  • Published at 03:17 pm October 11th, 2016
Tech giants form organisation to spread  AI knowledge
There are so many perspectives among people regarding AI. While some have cherished the idea of AI, others are finding it scary. Many are concerned about issues such as- will automated robots will cost us jobs? Will online face recognition destroy our privacy? Will self-driving cars mess with moral decision making? To address such fears, the tech giants- Amazon, Facebook, Google’s DeepMind division, IBM, and Microsoft are forming a new organization called the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society. The group is established with the purpose of explaining and communicating the capabilities of AI. It will focus on the dangers and basic ethical queries related to AI. The group will enhance communication among those who build AI, and incorporate opinions from academia and civil society. The group will gather various perspectives on AI and later inform the public on the progress. The process will be continuous instead of settling on a fixed set of ethics and values. Article reprinted under special arrangement with SD Asia.com