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Laws of attraction

  • Published at 09:17 pm September 7th, 2016
  • Last updated at 09:25 pm September 7th, 2016
Laws of attraction
What turns off Bangladeshi women? 1. There are too many guys who are too “cool” to read. Guys, reading is education. Be educated. And that’s hot. – Nabila, 26 years old, employed at BGMEA 2. There is nothing more awful than to see a guy walking around with a spear toe. Yes we all have them and we all should clip them! It’s a matter of personal hygiene. I also hate men who wear flip flops to everything. Hey dude, you are not at the beach you know! – Farhana, 27 years old, Research Assistant at  Islamic University of Technology. 3. It’s a real turnoff when guys gossip about another person’s body and features. Doesn’t matter if you are saying it behind their backs. Makes me wonder what you say about me in front of others! – Nusaiba, 26 years old, student at North South University 4. When I am on a date, and the guy starts eating away relentlessly without even looking, or without sharing. It’s a major turn off. I'm not going to finish your food. We are at a new place and just want to taste what their dish offers. –Raida, 25 years old, Volunteer for Jaago Foundation. 5. It’s somehow implanted in our culture that men know about everything just because they are men. We are educated as well you know, and sometimes there are topics we know more about you. Respect that. —Shahreen, 27 years old, Research Assistant at University of Manitoba. 6. Well, a turn off for me is when men forget birthdays and anniversaries. Also, a major turn off is when they say their "mom could have cooked much better." Also, when they just stop saying that they love you. –Natasha, 32 years old, Human Resource Specialist. 7. It is a major turn-off for me when a man is not aware of his bad breath. I can even tolerate profuse sweating but bad breath? That's a big NO! Men who brag are not my kind either. It turns me off right away when he starts bragging about his photography skill or maybe singing skill or whatever he has in his bucket of pride just to impress me. ---Juthi, 26 years old, Marketing Professional. 8.  Whenever a guy tries to impress me by saying "you're not like other girls" and degrading other girls to impress me is a massive turnoff for me – Elma, 26 years old, employed at BRAC. 9.  I still see a lot of guys don't know how to dress. Do you know that women find it a major turn off when a guy is not dressed properly? Trying to be “badass” when they're mama's boys in reality is a turnoff too. –Adity, 25 years old, Teaching Assistant at University of Saskatchewan.   What turns off Bangladeshi men? 1. I find it horrible when girls use slang. I also dislike shallow girls. Girls who prefer appearance and money. —Nasser, 25 years old, student at North South University. 2. The tendency of hating the victor after losing in a logical argument is a major turnoff for me, especially if you are in a relationship with her. – Sameer, 29, works at a digital media marketing company. 3. When I see a woman, who is very self-centered, and always thinks that the world revolves around her -- that is a big turn-off for me. Humility is a much better trait. - Akib, 26, studies at University of Texas, Austin. 4. "Oh my god you are awesome! Why did my ex never try this?" That's a universal turnoff for men. - Kashfee, 27 years old, Certified Professional Accountant. 5. For any guy in a relationship, I suppose the biggest turnoff would be when they (women) don't give space for your needs. And saying things like, "you don't miss me anymore" Why the heck am I calling you if I don’t miss you anymore? – Partha, 26 years old, graduate from BRAC University. 6. Ever faced a situation when you had to do all the talking? Women who can't carry a conversation or lack a sense of humor are also a big turn off. You don't need to talk all the time, just be present in the conversation. – Wahid, 29 years old, businessman. 7.  Nowadays girls change their tones and accents while flirting with men. Trust me, it’s a major turnoff. Do you talk to your parents with that tone? – Rubayet, 27 years old, Graduate of University of Tumpro, Sweden. 8. I find many girls who don’t do anything except gossiping, going to classes and eating at restaurants -- that’s not healthy. Girls who are not passionate about anything are a huge turnoff for me – Atik, 24 years old, Student of BRAC University 9. For me the biggest turnoff would be the immature behavior of woman. If a woman can't act her age then it is a no for me. Bad dressing sense is also a major turnoff – Shabab, 22 years old, lives in Netherlands.