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Decorative sock wreaths

  • Published at 08:50 pm August 13th, 2016
Decorative sock wreaths

It never harms to decorate your room once and a while. One thing which always sets a good impression even before people enter your room is a sock wreath. Here's how you can make one.

What you'll need:


Colourful old socks



What to do:

Take a long sheet of cardboard and cut a circular wreath out of it with the help of an adult.

Take your old socks and cut them at the heels and toes.

Next, cut the longest sections of your socks in half.

Cut the wreath at the top for a place to slide your socks on.

When you are done, scrunch up your socks and slide them on the wreath one by one.

After all your sock sections have covered the wreath, spread the socks evenly and maybe place a bow at the top.

And your sock wreath is done!