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Creative at home

  • Published at 08:47 pm July 2nd, 2016
  • Last updated at 02:01 am August 1st, 2016

You have been at it for hours. Searching YouTube for a do-able DIY or origami to make yourself productive and useful until you finally quit and decide to watch movies. You will be surprised to know how accessible art supplies are; they are all around your household. Seek and ye shall find! Here are some very easy, inexpensive yet amazing DIY projects, life hacks, tips and tricks for the Jeff Koons in you.

The shoe box

We are all so excited about the shoes that we hardly ever think about the poor thing it came in. Shoe boxes can be turned into a gorgeous phone recharging station by making a slit in one side for the main wire of the electrical outlet, and some more holes for the phone’s charger. This makes your room a lot tidier and organised. Most importantly, you can make it as colourful as you like.

Get some glue and set a few of those toilet tissue cardboard rolls on the box to create compartments and there you have a stationary holder.

The lid can be painted on with any type of art you like and hung on the wall looking just like a real canvas and, bam! You are the Picasso of the 21st century.

If you want to show someone special exactly how special s/he is, you might want to try this out. Buy lots of small things like their favourite chocolates and key rings and put them all neatly in a shoe box. Decorate the shoe box with photos, writings and drawings. They will keep this gift hamper forever!

Toilet paper rolls

Apart from the idea mentioned earlier, toilet tissue cardboard rolls are also ideal for making a phone holder out of it. Cut a rectangle in the middle and put in two hooks from the back to stop it from rolling away. Use your favourite colours generously and decorate it to suit your room.

If you are buying someone a small gift like jewellery, a toilet tissue roll gift box could be your DIY go-to option. Take colourful wrapping paper, wrap around a painted and decorated roll, close one end with a string, put the gift in, tie the other side close, and viola, you have yourself what looks like an over-sized yet yummy chocolate.

Old CDs and DVDs

We all have scratched CDs and DVDs lying around the house. Take a few of them, cover both sides with wrapping papers and your guests won’t be able to take their eyes off your fabulous new glass covers. You could write your favourite lyrics or quotes on these and stick them on your refrigerator.

Shoe laces

If you were ever a Phineas and Ferb fan, this should ring a bell. If your sneakers don’t fit you any more, take the shoe laces and tie it around your finger with a bow. Inspired from this, is the idea of bracelets made from shoe laces. Feel free to tweak it as much as you want. Be a trendsetter.

Use shoe laces as decorations on the gift hampers or on gift cards for a friend; you can't have “too much” of funk.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Dentists recommend buying new toothbrush every three months. But did your dentists ever mention how your old toothbrush could be a superb new addition to your art supply kit? Get some dilute water colour on your brush, gently stroke it with fingers inches above from your page and see the magic for yourself.

Don’t underestimate the caps of empty toothpaste tubes. Collect different sizes of these, put paint on the edges and create perfect circles on your art projects.

Clothes which you grew out of

Giving away old clothes for charity is an awesome idea. But there are some of them that you want to hold on to. No, we are not talking about using them as a duster for your household furniture but as something that's a wee bit more artsy. Here’s what you do. Cut out two small rectangular pieces of the cloth, sew them on the edges together, tie with a string across the middle and you have yourself a totally kawai bow.

And yet another gift wrapping idea! This might sound crazy but it might be unique to present your friend with a gift wrapped in a long-sleeved shirt. No scissors, no tape, no sewing. Just cover it up and tie the sleeves together.

Old Newspapers, Magazines, Calendars:

Unclean glass windows and shelves are frowned upon by most, especially by our mothers. If the windows in your room are stinking and you really have to impress your mom, all you have to do is get a mug of water with a splash of white vinegar, soak some newspapers in it and use that to clean the glasses.

Also, wrapping gifts in colourful magazine pages or a calendar page can give a unique look to it.

If you are into painting and creating a mess around you when you are at work, lay some newspapers under your paper or easel. Cleaning up your own mess doesn’t get any easier.

Bottles and containers

This is probably the oldest idea in the playbook. This list is only half complete without good old Cocacola bottles, empty shampoo or lotion bottles, Pringles cans, glass jars, you name it. Does one really have to spell it out? Plant some money plant in it and hang it from the roof of your veranda. Decorate a Pringles can, insert some hooks evenly on the sides and hang lightweight objects from it. Buy electric candles online and put them in glass jars, and of course the option of a glass painting is always there! Put your phone in a Pringles can while playing music for louder and crisper sound. This works like magic.

The possibilities are endless. Your job is to experiment and explore them. Most importantly, think outside the box and be crazy creative.