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Danger under the sea

  • Published at 08:47 pm June 17th, 2016
Danger under the sea

The pirates sailed slowly in the sea, far away from land. They were bad men, who stole money and jewels, and even hurt people. All of a sudden, the ship began to shake, and huge tentacles started rising from all sides of the ship. This scary creature was so big that the ship seemed very small. In a few seconds, the ship was gone under the sea. It seems like the Kraken stroke again!

The Kraken is a giant mythical sea-monster, and looks like a huge octopus. It is a sailor’s worst nightmare, as it can easily take big ships under the sea. They do not have targets, so no one knows where they will attack next. They hide themselves inside small islands, and can even make whirlpools if they want to. The Kraken is one of the most dangerous myths of the sea, and we can clearly see why.