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Ramadan: Understanding the matrix between Deen and Duniya

  • Published at 04:27 pm June 11th, 2016
Ramadan: Understanding the matrix between Deen and Duniya

What sort of matrix are we living in where we have the rising of despot after despot who have the audacity to kill and oppress in the name of Allah? One in which you think you are powerless. Balance your inner life (Deen, sympathetic nervous system) with your outer life (Duniya, parasympathetic nervous system) and you will see the grid, the mis-information and the suggestology under which we are maintained. The House of Saud, Erdogan, ISIS - are they not all reflections of the Qurayshis who stepped on beloved Muhammad's neck when he bowed down in prayer? It is all a game and we jump too quickly. The forces at play have been on this plane too long. They are bored and they continue to turn humans into their game and prize. Would you believe me if I told you that the forces, which caused the Jewish holocaust are the same forces that are causing the Muslim holocaust, the climate change holocaust? Become aware and you will have direct experience of the matrix.

We are a country of deeply loving people. Yes, we are poor. Our men and women offer themselves as slaves in the Middle East in order to build concrete homes on sliding earth. There is very little we can do to at a gross level to topple the injustice they experience. But let us not forget, we have atomic hearts and minds (which become subatomic when breath and beat are combined) and a heritage of persistently seeking knowledge.

How can we forget Paharpur (one of the oldest international universities in the world)? From the knowledge of Buddha to Begum Rokeya - every moment of love and consciousness is embedded in our DNA - what we have inherited from our beloved mothers and fathers. Our inheritance, once unleashed through our atomic minds (while continuing to balance our material life without mundane obsession) can topple any great tyrant, starting with the ones in our shadow (verily the most difficult).

This Ramadan, fast, meditate (even better in community), offer your namaz (even better in community) and care for your body, forgive yourself and others - unleash heart, your power. Who can stop you then? No one. Who can stop the tyrants? You.