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You, diet and the love-hate relationship

  • Published at 05:39 pm June 7th, 2016

Everyone in the movie is as fit as a Greek God. You put your hand on that little tummy of yours and felt the first signs of a pot belly appearing. You felt depressed, and a bit of guilt started working in you. Then came the decision making point, and you decided to turn things around.

You took the cell phone in your hand and Googled “best fat loss diet ever.” Hundreds of suggestions appeared instantly and you chose a few of the top sites. You entered the site and got some guy with a ripped physique handing out a diet chart. You happily jump aboard the fitness train. However, after a week or two, you started losing interest in that diet of yours and now you are eating even more. Familiar much?

Well I might not know you, but I might just be able to interpret some of the reasons why you cannot hold on to that diet. So, what could be the first reason?

The first one could be too much strictness. When you have been attuned to being a food addict for so long, you cannot just stop everything abruptly. This sudden change does more harm than good. However, you must follow that diet right? Just remember one size never fits all, neither does one diet.

Another problem that you might be facing with your diet is that it talks about a variety of foods, which are not even readily available in your country. For example, the diet says avocado is healthy. Avocado is definitely healthy, but where do you get this in Bangladesh? In any local fruit store, avocado is a wonder name, which would get your regular fruit-monger scratching his head. You might get that occasional piece of imported avocado at an upscale super market, but it may not be regularly available.

A mismatched diet can be quite a burden. It is not created for you and thus you find yourself eating totally different foods at different times. This may make you distant from your family and friends. They may laugh at your choices. Well, I do not blame them – if you are eating cucumber at lunchtime when all of them are having a real meal, it will appear awkward. Hence, most likely we end up being unable to stick to things which make us a joke.

The diet may also keep you in a constant state of hunger. You eat but you feel like you haven’t. Why is that? This is because the meal plans are not your type. You are a big eater, but the plan says to have six small meals. In that case, it is most likely that you will force yourself into the diet. You are unhappy and grumpy all day and every night, you see food in your dreams!

A diet that you force yourself into will invariably make you lazy while following it. Suppose the diet talks about super clean food, which requires meal preps and grocery shopping. That will sound like a lot of extra work, especially when your heart's just not in it.

So how do you stick to a diet? Much depends on your willpower first.

The most efficient thing to do when deciding on starting a healthy lifestyle and diet is to consult with an expert – could be a dietician, a fitness enthusiast or even your gym trainer – one who is experienced in this field and understands your desires and needs when it comes to food.

A custom made diet chart, which is specifically based around important variables like an individual's height, weight and age, is the best and only way to make sure things run smoothly as it is aimed to cater to your body's needs.

And of course, remember to not be too hard on yourself, because the first steps towards a successful journey is bound to make you stumble. The key is to make the right choices and keep on moving!