Keeping them safe

Bangladesh continues to do right by the Rohingya

It is extremely heartening to see that Rohingya children in Bhashan Char will be vaccinated through a routine childhood immunization program in the last week of April.

Bangladesh's vaccination drives throughout its history as a nation has been among its most revered success stories. Despite numerous hurdles and issues, we have always taken vaccination very seriously, and it has contributed to saving countless Bangladeshi lives.  

To that end, Bangladesh continues to do the right thing when it comes to looking after the Rohingya population. As noted by the regional director of Unicef, we must do everything possible to reach the most at-risk and marginalized boys and girls, regardless of who they are or where they are.  

However, while Bangladesh continues to do right by the Rohingya, it is the global population that continues to fail them. While there is no doubt that the Rohingya population deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and immunizing their children is simply the right thing to do, ultimately, it bears repeating that the Rohingya population in Bangladesh are being deprived of their homeland by a tyrannical military administration in Myanmar.  

Therefore, the onus remains on the international community to facilitate their repatriation so they can go back to being citizens of Myanmar and lead a normal life that is a basic right of every citizen of a country, regardless of their religion or creed. 

Until then, however, the child immunization program at Bhashan Char is just the latest in Bangladesh continuing to provide for the Rohingya population despite its own limited resources and has earned any recognition that comes its way.