This makes no sense

Citizens are expectedly eager to celebrate the biggest day in the Bangali calendar

Pohela Boishakh is one of the biggest days of celebration for Bangalis the world over, and in our country the Bangla New Year sees people of all stripes throng the streets in colourful displays of festivity. 

Naturally, maintaining security is of the utmost importance. 

While our law enforcers have always done a commendable job up until this point in ensuring security on days of mass celebration such as Pohela Boishakh, the recent decision made by the Dhaka Metropolitan Police to place a soft curfew -- by closing off Ramna Park after 2pm -- on the celebrations begs to be questioned. 

After two years of enduring multiple waves of the Covid-19 pandemic and successful vaccination drives, citizens are expectedly eager to celebrate the biggest day in the Bangla calendar, and for our law enforcers to cite security concerns as the reason to end Pohela Boishakh celebrations by 2pm is a failure in that very duty. 

What is even worse is the DMP’s primary reasoning behind this decision: Ramadan. What exactly does the coinciding of Ramadan this year have to do with Pohela Boishakh celebrations? 

Setting aside the absolute inanity of such justification, this does nothing to make up for the spate of multiple cultural faux pas that the DMP has made in the last few weeks -- from the incident of a police constable accosting a teacher for wearing a teep on her forehead, to sharing problematic content on their official social media page. 

Again, we understand that security is always a real concern during days of celebration, but if the police’s idea of ensuring security is to simply sidestep it by mandating an early end to celebrations they are clearly not doing their job right.