A fruitful partnership

Bangladesh and the US have been partners in peace for a long time

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Strong bilateral relations with other nations are the cornerstone of progress for any country, more so for countries with ambitions as high as that of Bangladesh.

To that end, it is encouraging that the newly appointed US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Peter D Hass, has expressed his willingness to work with Dhaka to further advance the ties between the two countries.

There has been a level of friction between the two countries in recent times that, frankly, we can both do without. Which is why it is all the more encouraging that the US is showing its willingness to set aside any and all diplomatic disagreements and still move on with more constructive discourse. 

Bangladesh and the US have been partners in peace for a long time. From taking part in UN missions together to Bangladeshi forces being trained under US forces, the bond our two nations share is tried and tested. With the number of Bangladeshis who live in the US and the number of US citizens that head up a lot of the NGOs in Bangladesh, it is fruitful for both countries to be on good grounds with each other.

And Bangladesh is slowly but surely emerging as one of the stronger democratic forces in South Asia, the US would do well to hang onto this bond and offer the kind of support that is necessary for Bangladesh in its growth trajectory. 

With the weakening of global ties that was a product of the Trump regime, it would behoove the US to tend to the relations that were either left unattended or had frayed because of that regime. 

Of course, maintaining bilateral relations is one of the more obvious examples of a two-way street. To that end, Dhaka needs to ensure that our lines of communication with Washington are bolstered and clear, that the kind of support we require and can offer to a country like the US are expressed openly.

Let’s work on making this a fruitful partnership.

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