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A meditation on narratives

  • Published at 07:03 pm November 14th, 2019
DLF_November 8_Pg 7_Storyteller
Photo: Mehedi Hasan

The Storyteller was held at day one of Dhaka Lit Fest, 2019

Panelist Jan Blake, one of Europe’s leading storytellers, has been performing worldwide for over 30 years. Specializing in stories from Africa and the Caribbean, she has a reputation of dynamic and generous storytelling. Moderator, Teresa Albor, is a cultural producer who has worked in the US, the UK, Eastern Europe, and the South East Asia. 

Born and raised in Manchester, England, Jan Blake is second-generation migrant. Her parents are from Jamaica, but the first time she went to Jamaica was in 1986 where she met many members of her family for the first time. “I became a storyteller the year I met my grandmother for the first time, and discovered that my grandmother was a storyteller in our village.” said Blake. 

Becoming a storyteller answered a need within Jan Blake, as an artist. Storytelling became the way of expressing her artistry, her creativity.

The storyteller shared few of her brilliant stories and a heart warming story that she wrote for her father, to showcase her creativity. 

“Storytelling is a healing balm in my life; Stories that ask what it is to be human,” she said.