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Vivacious children's sessions at DLF

  • Published at 04:08 pm November 20th, 2018
Photo: Rajib Dhar/Dhaka Tribune

Students of Bidyabhuban presented the impact of climate change through their theatre performance titled 'The Last Tree' in the first half of the day.

There were quite a few engaging sessions and shows focused solely on children on the second day of DLF 2018.

Students of Bidyabhuban presented the impact of climate change through their theatre performance titled “The Last Tree” in the first half of the day. 

“It is our fault as human beings that we've brought the world into the current phase of devastation,” said Sheikh Al Mamun, director of the theatre. This performance is part of Bidyabhuban's “Creative and Communicative Learning System” which aims to inject in students a sense of ethics, of culture, of history and of ecology.

The play brings to the fore issues of climate change, global warming, and environmental pollution and their consequences.

Besides strong dialogues, the use of different sounds from surrounding elements like water, leaves and wind helped to create the environment in accordance with the theme.

In another session, a puppet show titled “Manush,” directed by Rashid Haroon, portrayed how the selfish nature of human beings is slowly affecting the world. Based on Arabic Nights and written by Rakid Hasan, the puppet show had well-written plots and vivacious performances which kept the Nazrul Mancho packed with an audience till end. Colourful presentation of the characters also gave it a contemporary context through apt dialogues, which helped children relate the storyline to their lives.  

Rashid Haroon, professor of Drama and Dramatics Department at Jahangirnagar University, is also a researcher of Bangladeshi puppetry. He said, "Puppetry is an age-old tradition that holds immense potential."

Directed by Haroon, the Puppet Theatre Research and Development Centre of Bangladesh is working diligently in order to continue the legacy of this art.

“With a bunch of students from the Drama and Dramatics Department of Jahangirnagar University, we are trying to revive the glory of this art in Bangladesh,” he said, adding that it is essential to educate children through puppetry in our country.