Census 2022: Dhaka division home to 44 million people now

The population of Chittagong is 33 million

As many as 44 million people now live in Dhaka division, according to the Population and Housing Census 2022 published on Wednesday. 

The population growth in the division now stands at 1.94. 

Moreover, Chittagong is now home to over 33 million while the population of Rajshahi stands at 22 million.

Barisal has the lowest population amongst all the divisions with as many as 9.1 million people. 

According to the latest census, the population size of Bangladesh is currently 165,158,616. 

Of the total population, 81,712,824 are men, while 83,347,206 are women.

The country’s population was 144,043,697 in 2011, according to the previous census.