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New NBR chief on the hunt for wealthy tax dodgers

  • Published at 03:48 pm January 4th, 2018
New NBR chief on the hunt for wealthy tax dodgers
The new chairman of the National Board of Revenue, Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan’s first order of business on his first day was to issue standing instructions to all NBR officials to track down the wealthy people who are not paying their taxes. He said: “We hear about a lot of tycoons, we hear about their influence, wealth and how they are leading various sectors. But when it comes to paying taxes, they cower behind everyone else. We need to talk to these tycoons and honour them appropriately.”
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The new NBR chairman also stressed the importance of every homeowner filing their taxes. He drew attention to the Kar Bahadur title awarded to the top taxpayers in the country and said: “There are people who make more money than the Kar Bahadurs. But their names have not popped up on our lists. So we need to rectify that situation.” Mosharraf was appointed as the NBR chief on January 3 after Nojibur Rahman, the previous chairman, was appointed as principal secretary to the prime minister. This article was first published on Bangla Tribune