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Malaysia to recruit workers in 3 sectors

  • Published at 08:44 pm October 19th, 2016
Malaysia to recruit workers in 3 sectors
Malaysia will soon begin to take Bangladeshi manpower in plantation, manufacturing and construction sectors, a diplomatic source has said. Although there has been no official announcement yet on reopening the Malaysian labour market to Bangladeshi migrant workers, an official from the Bangladesh High Commission in Malaysia has confirmed that soon workers will be able to go to that country through a rigorous official process. This time Malaysia will take Bangladeshi manpower under the “Government to Government Plus” scheme, for which an agreement was signed in February between the two governments.
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Under the agreement Malaysia will designate Bangladesh as a source country, the official said, adding that the country will soon open its market for all such source countries. Immediately after the signing of the agreement, the Malaysian government made an announcement that it was barring foreign workers from coming to the country. “As Bangladesh was able to sign the MoU with Malaysia at the last moment, we have obtained the source country designation and retained a pathway for Bangladeshi manpower export,” the high commission official told the Dhaka Tribune. Malaysia has already informed Bangladesh about its decision to take foreign workers again, but there has been no official announcement as yet.
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Asked when Malaysia would start taking manpower from Bangladesh under the G2G Plus scheme, Expatriates Ministry's Additional Secretary Zabed Ahmed said: “Bangladeshi migrants are still going to Malaysia on a limited scale, but migration under the G2G Plus scheme has not started yet. “But when that announcement comes the whole process will be maintained and monitored by the ministry.” The high commission official said that under the G2G Plus scheme, recruiting agencies in Bangladesh would send manpower from Bangladesh through a new online database system. “Aspiring migrants will have to complete a medical test and a security clearance test before coming to Malaysia, under the agreement,” the official added.
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The official advised that aspiring migrants should pay the migration fees only after getting medical and security clearance. “This time Malaysia will maintain a very strict process before taking any worker from Bangladesh,” the official said. According to the Expatriates Ministry, Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia remitted around $38,356 million in the last fiscal year; while 38,384 Bangladeshi migrants have gone to the country as of October 13 this year.