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Stocks hit year’s highest turnover of Tk2105.14C

Market analysis showed that 25 out of the 33 listed banks advanced on Sunday and the share prices of 47 out of the 54 listed insurance companies increased

Update : 29 Aug 2022, 05:24 PM

On the first working day of the week, Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) hit the year's highest turnover from the rising value of the shares of banks and insurance companies.

As a result, on August 28 the main index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange DSEX increased by 46.73 points or 0.7%. 

The total transaction of the day was Tk2105.14 crore which is the highest transaction in the last ten and a half months. 

Earlier this year, on January 11 the highest turnover was recorded at Tk1976.88 crore, and a couple of months before that, on October 7, 2021, transactions worth Tk2497.2 crore were traded in DSE.

Meanwhile, over at the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE), the overall index increased by 180 points.

Market insiders say that the stock market is getting stronger because of the rising trend of banks' and insurance companies’ share prices. Investors are regaining confidence and as a result, the turnover is on the rise.

Market analysis showed that among the 33 companies listed in the banking sector, the price of 25 companies increased on Sunday, while the share prices of eight companies remained unchanged. 

Similarly, out of 54 companies in the insurance sector, the share prices of 47 companies increased, four companies’ decreased, and three companies' share prices remained unchanged.

According to DSE data, on August 28, around 526 million shares were traded in the market–the price of which was Tk2,105.14 crore. 

Earlier on Thursday, DSE’s turnover was Tk1,777.45 crore, meaning that transactions increased by Tk327.69 crore compared to the previous working day.

Shares of 382 companies were traded in DSE; among them, the share prices of 219 companies advanced, 102 companies decreased and the share and unit prices of 61 remained unchanged.

The main index of DSE rose by 46.73 points to 6,401.8 points on the day when the share prices of most companies increased. 

The DS30 index increased by 3 points to 2,271 points but the DSES index decreased by 0.20 points to 1,390 points.

Shares of Orion Pharmaceuticals were at the top of the turnover on the day, followed by shares of Beximco Limited, Fortune Suze, Malek Spinning, Delta Life Insurance, IPDC Finance, Lafarge Holcim, Eastern Housing, Maxon Spinning, Coppertech Industries and Bangladesh Submarine Cables Limited.

Shares on CSE also increased

The overall index of the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE), the country's other capital market, CASPI, increased by 180 points to 18,823 points. 

Shares of 313 companies were traded in this market and among them, the share prices of 191 companies increased, 66 companies decreased and the rest of the 56 companies' share prices remained unchanged.

On Sunday Tk58.27 crore worth of shares were traded in CSE and on the previous day, shares worth Tk36.20 crore were traded.

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