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How lifestyle startup 'Alvina' prospered amid the pandemic

Alvina, an initiative by Sharmin Sultana, is home for all kinds of boutiques, makeup, and beauty care product

Update : 18 Aug 2021, 05:27 PM

Starting a new business is never easy. Financial risks, society’s prejudice against specific genders, and the family’s fear that you might end up declaring bankruptcy are reasons why people terror such decisions. 

Overcoming this hurdle, Alvina, a lifestyle startup, is growing in strides with each passing day. 

Alvina, an initiative by Sharmin Sultana, is home for all kinds of boutiques, makeup, and beauty care products. 

The startup began its journey in 2011 by Sharmin designing her own dresses and opening a store located in Mohammadpur. 

In 2015, they created an e-commerce website for themselves and started their online services. 

Since 2011, Alvina has grown a lot. Meeting the customers’ expectations, fulfilling their requirements, and bestowing the best service are what a startup should do and Alvina checks all of these boxes. 

This makes Sharmin’s initiative one of the leading fashion houses in our country. 

Sharmin Sultana has made a strong place for herself in this country, inspiring other women to be their own bosses. She wants to establish her business as a brand. She wants to spread positive words for her easily accessible Alvina all around the country. 

"In today’s world if you are courageous and passionate enough, you can absolutely make a place for yourself."

Alvina gives customers both offline and online shopping privileges although they prioritize online work. 

In today’s world, we have people who are busy with their jobs and prefer internet-based shopping more. 

Moreover, in this Covid-19 pandemic, Alvina has to adapt to online services so that consumers can easily access their needs. But if anyone wants to check out the products by themselves, they can certainly visit their store. 

Variety and quality tend to attract people, or in this context, customers. Alvina has both. 

It offers a diversity of products such as dresses, cosmetics, skincare, haircare, makeup, accessories, and more. It also provides high-quality indigenous dresses and pieces of jewelry. 

Other than that, customers can also find original products imported from the UK, China, and India. 

More than 250,000 people follow Alvina on Facebook, which is a triumph as this startup has no patronage.

Alvina undoubtedly believes in quality-over-quantity. Hence, they always provide the best service to their customers. 

They appreciate their customers’ preferences and they do not compromise with their quality. 

Alvina makes sure to deliver the best quality products at a reasonable price so everyone can approach them. 

They are not limited to selling products. They also provide courses and product reviews as well. This variety range helps people find all their demands under one platform. 

As an educated woman, Sharmin had always desired to accomplish something for herself and to have her own identity. 

After completing her Master’s in English, she worked as a teacher for a long time but was dissatisfied. 

She aspired to do something on her own, so she created her own platform to work.

Being a woman, things were not easy at first for Sharmin although she had her family's full support. 

She started with designing clothes herself and progressively included other female necessities. 

She is now a homemaker, mother of two children, and a successful female entrepreneur.

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