Evaly is back, will start operating next week

In contrast to its previous model, Evaly will not sell a single product without profit

After being closed for the past year, e-commerce platform Evaly is preparing to start selling products from October 28 through its campaign titled “Dhonnobad Utshob,” according to the infamous platform’s official Facebook page.

Shamima Nasrin, Evaly co-founder and former chairman, hinted at starting a new campaign for selling products from October 15.

“But the date has been pushed back to October 28 to better serve customers,” Evaly’s top brass said.

As per the company, the campaign is aimed to celebrate the immense support received during its “crisis” period. 

“Evaly will start its journey again, and our aim is to deliver the customer's previous order and provide some new amazing services. We will bring everyone together to set the ideal example of creating complaint-free e-commerce. The campaign is going to start with the aim of ending all kinds of distress faced by customers,” Shamima told the media.

In contrast to its previous model, Evaly will not sell a single product without profit, the top brass further stated.

However, the models that Evaly will operate under from now on include “pick-n-pay,” “cash on delivery” and “cash before delivery.” 

In the pick-n-pay model, after ordering the product from Evaly's website, the customer will go to the specified outlet and collect the product by paying the money. 

On the other hand, in the cash-on-delivery model, the money will be paid after the customer has received the product, and in the cash-before-delivery model, the customers, yet again, have to pay in advance.

“If we can start the business, we can move forward. We decided to sell products at profit from day one and it would be possible to pay off debt if Evaly can run the business uninterrupted for one year,” Shamima believes. 

According to the company, numerous investors have shown interest in the platform and if Evaly’s 45 lakh buyers and 30,000 sellers (business associates) buy products regularly for their daily needs, it would be easy to bring domestic and foreign investment.

On top of that, more than 400 sellers have assured to cooperate with Evaly with new products through affidavits in the High Court Division of the Supreme Court.

Shamima also urged customers to have faith in Evaly.

Evaly currently has two independent directors appointed by the High Court to manage its operations, with Mohammad Sahab Uddin Shipon from the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-Cab), and Dr Kazi Kamrun Nahar, deputy secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, being part of the board.

The High Court has formed a five-member Board of Directors to manage Evaly under the close supervision of the government to protect the interests of buyers and sellers.

Earlier in October, the court also allowed Shamima Nasrin to rejoin Evaly as director.

A court-appointed board resigned after turning in an audit report to the court and its own report on the company on September 21, advising an investigation on money laundering, as huge amounts of cash from the platform's accounts could not be traced.

According to the High Court-appointed board, the huge sums of cash that the platform withdrew from the company accounts through banks — almost on a daily basis — could not be traced, which might have been laundered.

However, denying any allegations of money laundering, Shamima claimed access to the servers of the platform can affirm Evaly’s liabilities. 

However, without Rassel, Amazon will not give access to the server, she said.