German Business Council (GBC) launches in Bangladesh

'The GBC will become the focal point for German business interests in Bangladesh'

The German Business Council (GBC) was officially launched on Thursday, serving as an association of private German companies operating in the country.

This organization aims to encourage investment and trade with Bangladesh and provide a social environment for business networking for German companies.

GBC was formally registered as a trust on December 24, 2019.

It is currently managed by five board of trustees representing key German businesses in Bangladesh.

The Embassy of Germany in Bangladesh officially operates this platform.

In a press conference at the German ambassador's residence on the day, GBC Chairman Md Sazzadul Hassan stated that this association will be much more active and focused to deliver its key objectives.

“GBC would be one of the key partners in strengthening the bilateral business relationship between Germany and Bangladesh,” he added.

Ambassador Achim Troster welcomed the initiative and expressed his hope that the GBC will become the focal point for German business interests in Bangladesh and serve as an advisory body for German enterprises as well as for the German Embassy.

Germany is an important business partner of Bangladesh and the second largest importer of products from Bangladesh.

Bilateral trade amounted to $9.3 billion in 2021.

Around 60 German companies have permanent representations in the country.