Emerging experience centres that will curate your perfect home

An immersive and hassle-free shopping experience for modern buyers

Experience centres are perfectly designed store spaces that showcase the best arrangement of a brand’s products to represent their unique design philosophy and aesthetic.

These experience centres are quickly becoming an essential fixture in many store outlets, especially for furniture and lifestyle companies.

With curated furniture, well-adjusted colors, contrasting textures, and perfectly placed décor products – the experience centre can present room set up concepts that are visually and functionally fulfilling to the customers’ tastes.

Experience centres are a new and progressive way to turn your ideal room concepts to reality.

Upon entering an experience centre, customers are presented with several aesthetic and dreamy room set ups that are conceptualized by the company.

By viewing the furniture in different room setups, whether it's for the living, dining, bedroom, or even office areas, consumers can get an instant idea of the size, finish, and color of the furniture and how it would look in their desired space.

As people grew accustomed to spending more time at home during Covid-19, they also grew more sensitive to the details in their interior spaces.

The increasing appetite for a perfectly-curated home that is soothing and ergonomic to the owner’s way of life has created a niche for streamlined interior decisions.

A need to meet these advances in consumer behavior laid down some perfect grounds for an intricate play between the brand’s vision and the customers’ preferences.

As such, the recent trend of furniture & lifestyle experience centres in Bangladesh is representative of the evolving purchase behavior of customers.

In a market that’s dominated by traditional designs and excessive ornamentation, people are now on the lookout for sleek and elegant furniture that matches international standards and comes at affordable price points.

Pioneering furniture brands in Bangladesh are harnessing this newfound appreciation of design while keeping up with evolving standards and modernization of the population in cities.

Furniture brand Isho, has launched their experience centres with an aim to change the whole process of furniture shopping in the country.

Each of their experience centres offer a complete immersive experience to the customer, enabling them to directly engage with the brand's furniture series and easily navigate through a variety of beautifully-styled room setups.

Rayana Hossain, managing director of Isho, said: “Every brand comes forward with their vision of the future while catering to customers’ evolving needs. Through ISHO experience centres, we have been able to communicate the brand’s aesthetic range with customers in the most creative ways. It gives me and my team great joy to be able to showcase our products creatively to the best of their functions in these idealized corners of the store. In every experience centre, we present a synchronized play between color, texture and shape to elevate the potential of our furniture and accessories."

Through an experience centre, the brand can present its range of products through artfully created concepts that match the real-life usage of the product while giving customers the freedom to make easy and hassle-free decisions.

With the focus on a seamless and immersive customer experience, experience centres are slowly gaining popularity in major metropolitan areas like Baridhara, Dhanmondi, and most recently, Uttara.

In conclusion, experience centres are ushering in a new wave of shopping experience in the country as they revolutionize shopping trends and give customers a true taste of adapting the aesthetic range of the brand.


This article has been published in partnership with Isho Ltd