Cleinsight brings excitement to collecting and analyzing data

Cleinsight is working on making it easy to get feedback from consumers and conduct market research by focusing on the user experience and making it easy for businesses to receive and analyze insights from the data gathered

Feedback's long history can be traced back to 1750 BC, when Nanni wrote the first known customer feedback. His feedback concerned inferior copper ore quality, whose delivery was also delayed. Although not confirmed if the feedback sent by Nanni was taken into account by the supplier Ea-Nasir. 

Since then, the importance of listening to customers hasn't reduced a bit, but how we collect feedback or conduct surveys of the target audience and customers has come a long way. 

Progressively, both feedback and surveys have seen a fair share of evolution over the centuries. Today's primary goal is adapting to the shortened attention span of the consumers who are getting flooded by unwanted information all day long. 

Customer feedback brings numerous benefits to a particular organization as it helps them navigate customer expectations. It helps understand customers' needs, increases customer satisfaction, boosts loyalty, enhances customer experiences, and helps make informed business decisions. 

Like feedback, surveying target audiences gives valuable insights required to steer an organization in the right direction at all product life cycle stages. But the hard part is to get someone to give their time and provide valued insight, which accomplishes all mentioned business goals.

Cleinsight is working on making it easy to get feedback from consumers and conduct market research by focusing on the user experience and making it easy for businesses to receive and analyze insights from the data gathered, reads a press release. 

Cleinsight was envisioned by Dara Khan, Nasheet Khan, and MA Raihan. While working for their North American clients, Dara and Nasheet saw the unchanged pattern of collecting feedback and doing market research. "We saw all our clients still using long and boring feedback collection forms with a lot of texts cramped together," mentioned Dara when asked about where they got the idea. "We saw only the medium had changed for collecting the responses." 

To answer these problems, the team merges gamification with response collection to encourage participation. Cleinsight provides a SaaS platform for brands and organizations to create feedback forms or create survey questions. Currently, Cleinsight has two services; market research and feedback collection, and the team informed more is coming soon. 

Dara, the CEO of Cleinsight, who has a Master's in Electronics Business Technology from the University of Ottawa in Canada, was able to bring the technological possibilities and creative visions together to revolutionize how brands understand, engage, and communicate with their target audience. While Nasheet, a PhD candidate in Information Security at a  Northeastern University in Boston, oversees the technology and development of the survey and engagement. 

Mohammad Abu Raihan, an award-winning designer with over 15 years of design and advertising industry experience, joined the team as the third co-founder. 

Currently, Cleinsight is collecting feedback for several companies, from e-commerce sites to motorcycle brands and started collaborating with some renowned brands in Bangladesh. "Our solution is not only developed for tech platforms," Dara, the CEO of Cleinsight. "Using our QR code SMS or emails, FMCGs or traditional brands could also easily get feedback from their customers." 

Recently, Cleinsight worked with Haiti to conduct a market survey of above 900 participants and conducted a survey for a2i too.

Talking about the future of Cleinsight, Nasheet said: "We are currently developing our employee feedback collection system and have further improvements to our gamification system planned." 

Educating the market about the immense benefit that feedback and market research is not always easy. Commenting on these difficulties, Raihan, who oversees communication across Cleinsight, commented: "I feel like we are not that focused on listening to the customer in Bangladesh." But, there is hope. The market is slowly maturing in Bangladesh and has begun to understand the need to listen to the customers.

The founders are also getting mentoring and guidance from Tina Jabeen, former CEO of Startup Bangladesh Limited; her extensive experience with startups both locally and globally is helping Cleinsight navigate the startup landscape. In addition, the team is also getting advice from Niaz Ahmed, an experienced product manager from Google and Niaz Khan, General Manager from AWS (amazon), who had previously co-founded a startup in Silicon Valley.

Cleinsight takes inspiration from globally recognized names like Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, and Yougov and tries to find a balance between functionality and fun. These firms are huge names in the global arena, but they mainly focus on gathering information and data without considering the user experience. Cleinsight aims to change this pattern of gathering information in a more exciting way. 

With the vision of working to help brands stand out in the digital clutter by creating meaningful engagement and communication between consumers and brands, Cleinsight is expecting to expand internationally.