MAWbiz: Your go to place for sustainable branding

MAWbiz recently won the Global Green Business Award 2021, as the “Best Green Business Directory, South Asia”

The word marketing conjures up images of everything bright, colorful, and joyous.

It does so because this is how we have been seeing these images especially over the past 3 decades, driven by the improvements in digital media.

A recent statistic [i] shows that a whopping $189 billion was spent on mobile advertisements alone in 2019.

If all forms of annual advertisement revenues are aggregated, it comes down to $650 billion.

It is mind boggling to comprehend this amount of money getting spent on advertisements, trying to make the product look a little shinier, the promises sound a little more believable and at the same time the communities all over the world are riddled with a plethora of challenges.

No wonder the economists in general despise the idea of traditional marketing as it distorts the true market outcome, causing misallocation of resources.

This is where sustainable branding triumphs and can provide a harmony between the need for advertisement and publicity but detouring to an economic outcome that enhances overall social welfare.

A sustainable brand is one that has successfully integrated environmental, economic and social issues into its business operations and MAWbiz believes this is the way to go forward in the post-Covid world.

According to Dr MR Maxim, managing director of MAWbiz, the bedrock of MAWbiz lies on three main pillars, sustainable branding, social advancement, and community empowerment through knowledge sharing.

This platform was created with the sole intent to make marketing approaches socially and environmentally more responsible.

On one hand, the platform provides the advertisers all necessary tools to promote digital ads, flyers, sale/deal offers etc, preventing waste/abuse of paper and ink.

On the other hand, it offers a digital space for all businesses to showcase their commitments to the community, social empowerment and creating an eco-friendly world.

The effort to create an ethical marketing platform and a healthy business ecosystem is not limited to the digital promotional tools. enhanced the scope of their project by adding features such as e-learning, biz hub, and community engagement; where they facilitate learning new skills, share useful business tips and infographic videos and present an ethical job portal.

All these different elements are interconnected and with these myriads of tools, they aim to focus their effort in creating a website that is a hub for sustainable and responsible business practices.

In recognition of their endeavor, MAWbiz recently won the Global Green Business Award 2021, as the “Best Green Business Directory, South Asia”, awarded by Acquisition International[ii].


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