Hansa Research launches its maiden ‘BPLomania’ study

BPLomania looks at brands creating maximum recall during the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

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Hansa Research Group has launched its first syndicated study, ‘BPLomania’, in Bangladesh. 

The announcement comes close on the heels of Hansa Research launching its Bangladesh operations in December, reads a press release.

BPL is a craze among the people of Bangladesh and boasts immense popularity among brands. 

Hansa Research’s BPLomania will look to capture interesting insights about brands that will feature prominently during the matches and the ROI generated by their respective ad spends during the BPL. 

It has a lot of experience in this area as it has been tracking brands in the IPL for over a decade through ‘IPLomania’. 

Over time, IPLomania has become the guide for Indian brands and marketers when it comes to understanding the efficacy of their ad spending during the highly popular tournament. 

Hansa Research is sure that BPLomania will achieve the same status in Bangladesh that IPLomania has achieved in India.

BPLomania will cover six towns, namely Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Barisal, Sylhet, and Comilla. 

The survey will be done with a sample of 2400 respondents over three to four weeks. 

The interviews would be conducted face-to-face using the CAPI methodology.

Praveen Nijhara, the CEO of Hansa Research said: “We are excited to launch BPLomania in Bangladesh. 

The pandemic did not wither the craze associated with the BPL and millions of Bangladeshis thronged to their TV sets during the BPL. 

Sports marketing has increased the world over and we see a lot of brand association during any sporting event. 

However, every brand needs to know if it is making an impact on the viewer’s mind. 

BPLomania will answer such critical questions and provide more insights. 

We are confident that BPLomania will soon become the encyclopedia of sports advertising in Bangladesh, he added.

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