Uber strengthens platform safety in Bangladesh with new features

Uber has strengthened safety and support on its platform to offer improved and timely assistance to riders in Bangladesh when they need it. 

It has expanded existing safety features - 24x7 Safety Line and RideCheck to offer enhanced safety on platform trips. It has also launched the Moto Safety Checklist that will help make Moto trips safer in the region, reads a press release. 

Commenting on safety on the Uber platform, Head of Bangladesh & East India, Uber Armanur Rahman said: “Safety lies at the heart of Uber. We have continually introduced best-in-class safety features in the market to make riders feel safe on every ride.” 

“With expanded safety line support and a tech-enabled feature to keep a check on trip anomalies, riders in Bangladesh will have an added layer of assistance when they need it. The Moto checklist will also help remind riders and drivers about key steps that will help enhance safety,” he added. 

“This combination of support from a local support team and in-app safety features powered by technology is a key differentiator that helps riders with a magical ride experience each time they choose Uber,” Rahman further said. 

The expanded and new features include:  

Uber 24X7 Safety Line: Riders in Bangladesh will now have extended support during their trip and up to 30 minutes after the trip ends via a 24X7 Safety Line. 

By tapping the blue shield icon within the app or dialling +880-9612-8881111 from the registered mobile number, riders will be able to connect with an Uber safety expert anytime, any day, to report an urgent but non-emergency issue during a trip, such as reporting misbehaviour by a co-passenger, a dispute with a driver or a break-down. 

The average response time for answering an incoming call on the helpline is less than 30 seconds. This number will only be functional when dialled from a registered mobile number during a trip or up to 30 minutes after the trip ends.

Ridecheck 3.0: Uber has expanded its tech-enabled safety feature, RideCheck, which flags certain trip irregularities that may indicate an increased safety risk. 

Now, any instance of a route deviation or a midway drop will be detected as an anomaly that will initiate a Ridecheck. 

Uber representatives will contact the rider and driver to check on their safety and understand the reason behind the irregularity. 

This feature already existed for long, unexpected stops on a trip in Bangladesh. It marks the first step by Uber to proactively reach out to users during a trip and offer tools they may need to get help.

Moto Safety Checklist: Uber has launched the Moto Safety checklist for riders and drivers in Bangladesh to enhance safety on every Moto trip. 

This feature prompts a rider and driver to follow a Go-online checklist before starting a Moto ride. 

The driver is required to check whether he is wearing a helmet and carrying one for the rider. 

The driver must also check that the motorbike is trip-ready with the apt tire pressure, functional front and rear brakes, and working vehicle lights such as blinkers and headlights. 

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