27 companies fined for VAT evasion, other irregularities

Due to various irregularities including corruption, fraud, import of goods under false declaration and changes of HS (Harmonized System) code of products, the Preventive Unit of Dhaka Customs House has filed 27 cases within the last one month. 

Through these cases, they collected around Tk10 crore.

The list of importers who imported goods with false declarations to evade VAT also includes companies like Abul Khair Group, Dignity Textiles and Regent Energy and Power Limited.

At the same time, the licenses of 24 more companies have been temporarily suspended.

Earlier, there was no such record of so much revenue collection in just a month, Dhaka Customs House and the National Board of Revenue (NBR) confirmed.

Dhaka Customs House Deputy Commissioner (Preventive) Sanuwarul Kabir said: "We are working under the direction of the NBR and the Commissioner of Dhaka Customs House. 27 cases have been filed in the last one month against 27 companies for trying to unload goods through different types of irregularities, fraud and false declarations.”

“More strict actions will be taken in the future against those who are involved in such irregularities and fraudulent activities,” he added.

NBR said they came to know that, C&F and importers are importing goods and evading huge amounts of revenue by making false declarations. Strict actions were taken after findinfg that out. 

Followed by strict surveillance and monitoring, Dhaka Customs House found a huge amount of revenue evasion cases. 

Dhaka Customs House has filed a criminal case against these companies with the Airport Police Station. 

NBR sources further said that it has been directed to double the fines in order to stop such irregularities and frauds in future.

Companies that have been sued 

Abul Khair Steels (C&F Masum Traders) was sued and Tk1.2 crore was recovered. 

Further lawsuits have been filed against Regent Energy and Power Limited (C&F Masum Traders) and Tk1.18 crore was recovered. 

Tk3.43 crore was recovered by filing a case against Dignity Textile (C&F Star International).

From Nich Denim Mills (C&F Star International), Dhaka Customs House collected Tk50.69 lakh for irregularities. A criminal case was filed at the Airport Police Station in this regard. 

Tk32.84 lakh was collected from Euphoria Apparels (C&F Micro Trade Limited).

Tk83.35 lakh was recovered from MKA Enterprise (C&F Masum Traders) for irregularities. 

Moreover, Tk78,872 has been collected from Brandix Casualwear Bangladesh Limited (C&F MS/Dynamic International). 

Tk37.57 lakh was collected from Overseas Marketing Corporation (C&F Athena International).

The Preventive Unit has also filed a case against the importer Invent Technology Limited (C&F Qutub & Sons) and collected Tk46.20 lakh. 

From Overseas Marketing Corporation (C&F Athena International), they collected Tk11.12 lakh.

A case has been filed against NASSA-Taipei Denims Ltd (C&F Lucky Traders) and Tk50.33 lakh was recovered. 

From Libas Textile Limited (C&F FFK Enterprise), another Tk62.92 lakh has been recovered. Also, a case was filed against them.

A case was filed against SB Solutions (C&F Sohail BM Enterprise) and Tk7.60 lakh was recovered. 

Apart from this, another case was filed against Deco Accessories (C&F Sundarbans) and Tk10.18 lakh was recovered.

Other cases have also been filed against Khandaker Trade International, Starkey Laboratories India, Top Trade International, Bando Eco Apparels, Nashat Enterprise, BHMAL Sweaters Ltd and some other companies.

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