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Naogaon farmer grows vegetable plants using coco-dust method

  • Published at 12:06 am February 18th, 2020
Naogaon farmer Amaran Ali nurses plants grown with coco-dust method at his nursery, Sardar Farmers Hub, at Mohadevpur in Naogaon Dhaka Tribune

The unconventional seedling growing system drew the attraction of farmers in the region

A farmer in Naogaon is growing high yield plants of different variety of vegetables with the coco-dust method where coir dust mixture is used instead of soil in the seedbed.

The unconventional seedling growing system drew the attraction of farmers in the region.

Amran Ali started growing plants with the different method in his nursery, Sardar Farmers Hub, at Mohadevpur upzila under the district.

An agricultural non-government organization inspired him to implement the new method while the local agriculture officials guided him with advice.

The mixture of coconut coir dust, earthworm and organic fertilizers are used to make the seedbed on a plastic tray. Surrounded with net, the plants on the seedbed remain free of insects and most diseases.

"I was thinking about growing disease-free and well vegetable seedlings at affordable cost. The Farmers' Hub of Syngenta Foundation inspired me to go through the Coco-Dust method," said Amran Ali.

He said that he initially started growing seedlings with the new system on 2 decimal land three months ago.

"With the help of modern technology, I made a net house in light of green house," he said and added that he used a special type of polythene to protect the seedbed from high heat or heavy rainfall.

Amran said he got immediate success in the different way of growing vegetable plants.

"Growing plants on soil would get interrupted many times due to adverse effect of weather, which we can minimize using the new method,'' Amran said.

He informed that he could grow plants of papaya, pumpkin, eggplant, cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage, chili, tomato and several other vegetable at lower costs.

On coco-dust compost, one could grow flower plants as well, he said.

Upzila Agriculture Officer Arun Chandra Roy said the Coco-Dust method had huge potential, especially in a country where weather condition is uncertain.

"With the coco-dust method of growing plant, we can overcome many challenges  including low fertility of soil, and insect-disease attack," he said, adding that they were encouraging farmers to take up the new method.

He said that vegetable farmers would benefit more as the method reduced the costs of pesticides and fertilizers in the entire cultivation.

Besides, the method also produced high yield plants, he added.