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Newly harvested Murikata onion hits market

  • Published at 08:06 pm December 9th, 2019
Murikata onion
The new Murikata onion retails in Dhaka kitchen markets for Tk180-200 a kilogram on Monday, Decembeer 9, 2019 Mehedi Hasan/Dhaka Tribune

Prices still very high

Onion prices, despite the arrival of newly harvested local variety in kitchen markets, still remain very high. 

Visiting several local and wholesale markets in Shukrabad, Malibagh, Rampura and Karwanbazar on Monday, the local variety, known as Murukata, was seen being sold in some shops. 

Traders attributed the high price of the local onion to the fact that consumers preferred them to the imported ones. 

The old onion of local variety was retailing for Tk250-270 a kg, while the new Murikata onion was retailing for Tk180-200 a kg.

At wholesale markets, old onion was selling for Tk230-250 a kg while new onion for Tk150-160.

Mohammad Ashraf, a wholesale at Karwanbazar, said: “Murikata is coming to the market. I have been selling this new onion for three days now. On the first day, the wholesale price was Tk190 a kg but now it has come down to Tk150-160.  

"I bought 280 kg of Murikata onion, all of which will be sold out soon. More consignments will arrive within two weeks and hopefully the price will decrease further,” he added.

Meanwhile, prices of imported onions have also decreased. Wholesale price of onion imported from China is Tk50-60 a kg and retail price at Tk80-100 a kg in the city’s kitchen markets.

Besides, onion imported from Egypt was retailing at Tk120 a kg, onion from Myanmar at Tk200-220, and those from Pakistan at Tk180-190. The wholesale prices of these imported onions are Tk100-110, Tk170-200,  and Tk 170-180 a kg respectively. 

Selim Mollik, another wholesaler in Karwanbazar, said: “The demand for local onions is more than that of the imported ones and that is the main reason of the price difference. As the supply of Murikata onion increases, price will fall within a few weeks.”

“The price of Chinese onion is low (Tk60-70 a kg) because it has the lowest demand. It sweetens the curry,” he added.

On the other hand, most customers were found interested about the local Murikata onion in the city’s kitchen markets. 

A consumer Abdur Rahim at Shukrabad kitchen market said: “The taste of local onion is amazing and cannot be found in the foreign onions. I like the taste of our new onion and bought 5 kg of it. However, the price is still not tolerable enough."