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Local onion price still high on supply crunch

  • Published at 10:19 pm November 30th, 2019
A seller checks onion at his shop in Dhaka Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

Prices of most vegetables increase by Tk10-15

Prices of onion of local variety are still high in the city’s kitchen markets owing to a lack of adequate supply while prices of most of the vegetables have fallen amid increased supply of winter vegetables. 

Prices of onion imported from different countries have also fallen, as their supply in the local markets has increased.

Visiting several kitchen markets in Shegunbagicha, Malibagh, Rampura and Karwanbazar in the city yesterday, this correspondent found onion of local variety selling at Tk240-250 a kg at retail shops, while the wholesale prices of the produce was found between Tk220 and Tk230 per kg.

Onion imported from Egypt and China was selling at Tk130-150 and Tk100-110 respectively; while onion from Myanmar and Pakistan was selling at Tk190-200 and Tk175-190 respectively in the retail market, showing a decrease of Tk5 to Tk20 in their selling prices.  

On the other hand, in the wholesale market onion imported from Egypt, China, Myanmar, and Pakistan was selling at Tk125-130, Tk95-100, Tk185-190, and Tk165-170, respectively.

Mohammad Jewel, a wholesale trader, said, “As imported onion are now available in increasing number, prices of imported onion are falling; but due to supply shortage of local onion, its prices are still high and increasing.”

Prices of some vegetables high

Yesterday, potato retailed at around Tk35 a kg; while in wholesale markets it was selling at Tk30-32 a kg, registering a price increase by Tk10-15 a kg.

Meanwhile, the price of potato produced in the current season was found selling at Tk90-110 a kg in the kitchen markets.

Among the other vegetables, cauliflower was selling at Tk40 a piece, while cabbage, cucumber, and carrot were selling at Tk40 a piece, Tk80-100 a kg, and carrot at Tk80 per kg respectively.

Radish, beans and spinach were selling yesterday at Tk40, 60 and 80 a kg, respectively. Aubergine and papaya were found selling for Tk50-60 and Tk30,  while bitter gourds, tomatoes,  Green chili, ladies finger, and  pumpkin were selling for Tk80-90, Tk80-100, Tk80, Tk60, and Tk50 a kg, respectively.

The price of eggs remains unchanged over the week, selling at Tk100-105 a dozen (12 eggs) yesterday.

In the city’s four kitchen markets, packed atta was selling at Tk36-38 a kg on the day, while prices of unpacked maida moved between Tk38 and 40 a kg.

Md Raju, a vegetable trader at the Shegunbagicha kitchen market, said that the prices of some vegetables still remain high. “Various types of vegetables are now coming in increasing number due to the approaching winter season. Within a few days, supply of various types of vegetables will increase further. So, the prices of all vegetables will soon come down,” he added.

Fish prices unchanged

The prices of fish remain unchanged in the city markets over the week. Rohita and Katla were selling for Tk250-350 and Tk250-350 a kg, respectively, depending on their size and quality. On the other hand, prices of Pangas and Tilapia were found to be Tk130-190 and Tk120-180 a kg, respectively.

The price of broiler chicken remains unchanged over the week; and it was selling for Tk125 a kg, while locally bred hens were found selling at Tk500 a kg.

Prices of rice dip

Guti Sawrna, the coarse variety of rice; Shwarna Paijam; BR-28; BR-29; Miniket; and Najirshail were selling for Tk32, Tk35, 38-40, Tk35-36 Tk46-48, and Tk52-55 a kg, respectively.

Mohammad Arafat, a consumer and a resident of Shegunbagicha, said, “Everything we buy, we buy at a high price. As the winter is coming, I hope at least the prices of vegetables will be reduced.”