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Onion, vegetable prices fall further

  • Published at 11:13 pm October 8th, 2019
Prices of onion and vegetables fall amid increased supply in kitchen markets Mahmud Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

However, the price of eggs of broiler chicken increased to Tk110 per dozen, up from Tk105 last week

Prices of onion and vegetables fell further on Tuesday because of adequate supply across Dhaka's kitchen markets, said traders and consumers.

Visiting several wholesale and retail kitchen markets including Rampura, Madhubagh, Farmgate and Karwanbazar in the capital on Tuesday , Dhaka Tribune found onion selling at Tk5-10 less per kilogram in both retail and wholesale markets compared to Saturday.

At retail markets, local onion sold on Tuesday at Tk80 per kg, down from Tk85-90 per kg on Saturday, while imported onion sold at Tk65-70, which was Tk75-80 on Saturday.

The local variety of the essential cooking ingredient sold in wholesale markets on Tuesday at Tk74-76, down from Tk75-80 on Saturday, while imported onion sold at Tk60-64, down from Tk65-70 on Saturday.

Md Jaglu, a wholesale trader at Karwanbazar, said onion was being imported from different countries, as a result there was no scarcity in market and available at reasonable prices.

He informed the price of onion imported from Myanmar was the lowest among them, Tk65 per kg in retail and Tk60 per kg in wholesale. But its quality is also the lowest among the lot, he, however, added.

However, the price of eggs of broiler chicken increased to Tk110 per dozen, up from Tk105 last week.

Imported garlic from China was selling in retail markets at Tk140 per kg, down by Tk30-40 from last week, while local garlic was selling at Tk150 per kg. 

Similarly, Indian garlic sold on Tuesday at Tk120-125 per kg, which was Tk150-160 per kg last week.

Both the local and imported varieties sold at Tk130-140 per kg in wholesale markets.

The price of imported ginger sold in retail markets at Tk130-140 per kg and at Tk120 per kg in wholesale markets, while local ginger sold at Tk320-350 per kg.

Vegetable prices go down

The price of bitter gourds fell in retail markets to Tk15-20 a kg on Tuesday, which was Tk60 per kg last week. Its wholesale price was Tk25 per kg.

Md Sumon, a retail trader, said: "As winter is coming, production of various vegetables will increase and prices will come down even more."

The price of tomato in retail markets on Tuesday was Tk100-120 per kg and Tk90-100 per kg in wholesale markets.

Carrot was sold in retail for Tk85 per kg and Tk70-80 in wholesale, while eggplant was sold at Tk70 per kg and Tk30-40 per kg in wholesale.

Green chili prices remained unchanged, retailing at Tk80-100 per kg and Tk40-60 in wholesale.

In retail markets, papaya sold at Tk20-30 per kg, cucumber at Tk40-60 per kg, okra at Tk60, lemon at Tk30, cauliflower at Tk40-50, and radish at Tk60 per kg.

Sharifa Ahmed, a consumer at Karwanbazar kitchen market, said: "Prices of some vegetables fell from last week. We can hope it will go down even more in winter."