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Adequate supply at kitchen markets draws few buyers

  • Published at 09:32 pm August 18th, 2019
Dhaka kitchen market
Most vegetables, except for tomato and cucumber, maintain their previous prices across Dhaka's kitchen markets Rajib Dhar/Dhaka Tribune

Although there is little ups and downs in vegetable prices, per kg tomato and cucumber registered a rise by Tk30-Tk50

The supply of vegetables and fishes has increased in the capital’s kitchen markets after Eid-ul-Azha but the presence of buyers is yet to get back its normal rhythm. 

Although there is little ups and downs in vegetable prices, per kg tomato and cucumber registered a rise by Tk30-Tk50. Meanwhile, the prices of all kinds of fishes including Hilsa have increased manifold.

Visiting different kitchen markets in the capital on Sunday, Dhaka Tribune found per kg tomato selling at Tk170 to Tk180, which was Tk100-Tk120 a week ago while per kg cucumber was found selling at Tk70 to Tk80, which was sold Tk50-Tk60 a week ago. 

The price of per kg pointed guard sold at Tk40, per kg ribbed gourd at Tk60, per kg yard-long bean at Tk60, per piece of gourd at Tk35 to Tk50 and per kg bitter gourd at Tk50. 

The price of per kg brinjal also was found unchanged at Tk40 to Tk50, per kg green chilli sold at Tk90-Tk100, per kg okra sold at Tk40 and per kg papaya at Tk35 to Tk40.

Traders said except a few items, prices of most of the vegetables were normal. Though the supply of vegetables increased, a small number of customers turned up. The prices would decrease if sales increased, they observed. 

Asked about increased prices of tomatoes and cucumber, Khokon Mia, a trader at Hatirpool kitchen market, claimed that tomatoes were imported from India and because of short supply, the price increased.

In the fish market, the supply of both river and sea fishes was also found adequate compared to last week but the buyers' presence was still thin. 

Per kg Rui sold at Tk300 to Tk450, per kg shrimp at Tk350 to Tk1,200, per kg Pabda at Tk400 to Tk550, per kg tilapia at Tk130, Katla at Tk260 per kg and per piece Hilsa sold at Tk700 to Tk1,200 depending on their sizes. 

Abdul Raton, a fish vendor of Kawranbazar, said that fish prices were a bit higher. 

“The price will become normal within this week as fishing season is coming when sales will increase," he added.

However, chicken and egg market was found stable as per kg broiler sold at Tk145 and layer at Tk240. Per dozen egg sold at Tk105 to Tk110. 

Murad Hossain, a trader of broiler chicken at Hatirpool, told the reporter that the price of per kg broiler chicken decreased by Tk15 to Tk20. Three days ago, they sold per kg broiler at Tk160 to Tk170, which was now selling at Tk140 to Tk145. 

“The price will decrease further in the coming days as the supply has increased," he added. 

Fatema Begum, who came to buy fish and vegetables at Hatirpool Kitchen market, said that vegetable prices were normal but fish price was high.

“As different types of vegetables are available in the market, their prices should go down," she added.