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Shirts, T-shirts favourite picks of Eid shoppers

  • Published at 09:31 pm May 25th, 2019
Shirts, T-shirts favourite picks of Eid shoppers
Eid shoppers crowd a market in the capital as the festival draws near Rajib Dhar/Dhaka Tribune

Printed shirts have also become trendy in recent times

While it has become a practice to perform Eid prayers wearing panjabis, in the afternoon everyone prefers casual attires to make themselves comfortable. 

To ensure this, people are flocking to buy casual shirts and T-shirts from different shops of the capital. The fashion houses also, in response to the customers' demand, have brought varieties in casual/ formal shirts, T-shirts and polo T-shirts in their collection. 

Upon visiting different shopping malls in the city, Dhaka Tribune has found traders busy attending the customers asking for different brands of T-shirts. 

In their collection, single colour cotton shirts got importance because of the ongoing summer season. Besides, there have been many changes in the men’s shirts as fashion designers tried to bring variation in their designs. Using colourful and bright coloured buttons in any colour shirt is one of the common trends in today’s fashion. 

Printed shirts have also become trendy in recent times. Half and short-sleeved printed shirts are available in soft cotton fabrics and bright ones are getting the preference when it comes to colour. 

In most informal shirts, dual prints have been applied. For example, the whole body is in one print while the sleeves are in different one. 

In case of formal shirt, stripes, checked, small floral prints, dot prints, small ball prints and light colours are most sought-after by the customers. 

Talking to Saiful Alam, sales associate of Ecstasy at Basundhara Shopping Mall, said: "As this Eid coincides with the hot and rainy season, we have given preference to casual shirts as well as T-shirts. 

“In our collection we have different price ranges for casual shirts, formal shirts, T-shirts and polo T-shirts," he said.

The price of casual shirts ranges from Tk1,323 – Tk2,079, of T-shirt from Tk1,754 to Tk1,964,  of Polo T-shirt from Tk914 to Tk1,134, and of formal shirt from Tk2,164 to Tk2,919. 

Md Aminul, sales manager of Easy, another retail fashion outlet, said they brought new collection of casual shirts, T-shirts made of cotton fabrics ahead of Eid. 

The price range of digital printed casual shirts is from Tk1,290 to Tk1,580 while price range of polo T-shirt is from Tk590 to Tk990. Prices of black dotted design mix cotton casual and formal shirts range from Tk1,390 to Tk2,290. 

Ecstasy sales associate Fahim Ahmed said they got some new arrivals of shirt and T-shirts for their Eid collection. 

The price range of casual shirts is from Tk1,323 to Tk2,079, of formal shirts form Tk2,164 to Tk2,919, of T-shirts from Tk1,754 – Tk1,964 and that of polo T-shirts from Tk914 to Tk1,134. 

At Aarong outlets, shoppers can get different fashionable cotton half and full sleeves shirts and T-shirts. Besides, mixed cotton, cottary, andi silk, viscose, viscott fabrics shirts also available. 

The prices of cotton and mixed cotton half/ full sleeves casual shirts range from Tk950 to Tk3,000. Cotton printed T-shirt and polo shirt price ranges from Tk350 to Tk650. 

Yellow, Infinity, Cat's Eye and many other local fashion houses have also brought different Eid collections in their outlets.