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Minister urges bankers not to take bribes 'to escape hell in afterlife'

  • Published at 10:07 pm March 25th, 2019
Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal
File photo of Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal Mahmood Hossain Opu/Dhaka Tribune

He said there is an afterlife and misdeeds, like taking bribes, will have severe consequences on the Judgement Day

Finance Minister, AHM Mustafa Kamal, yesterday cited verses from the Quran, and the sayings of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and urged bankers not to take bribes for the sake of happiness in the temporal world.

Reminding the bank officials, he said there is an afterlife and all misdeeds, like taking bribes, will have severe consequences on the Day of Judgment.

“Those who take bribes and give bribes will go to hell,” Mustafa told the annual business conference of Sonali Bank Ltd, quoting a saying (Hadith) of Prophet Muhammad (sm).

“Do you take bribes?” he wanted to know from the audience of Sonali Bank employees and officials, at the Institution of Diploma Engineers’ Bangladesh.

“Can I trust you?” questioned the finance minister.

He said he believed the bankers at Sonali Bank were as honest as he was.

The finance minister reiterated that earthly life is temporary, so no one should resort to malpractices like taking bribes and disobeying their parents, for the sake of a good eternal life in the hereafter.

Pointing to the economic success of the incumbent government, the finance minister said the gross domestic product growth of the country will hit a double digit trajectory in four years.

Bangladesh Bank Governor, Fazle Kabir, urged the bankers to develop corporate governance, as the problems lie largely in core governance issues.

He said the provision shortfall of Sonali Bank is huge, while its default loan is increasing.

“90% of the default loans of Sonali are bad loans. You got to improve the situation,” the governor advised.