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Price of vegetables decrease in city kitchen markets

  • Published at 12:19 am February 13th, 2019
A wide array of vegetables is up for sale in Hatirpool kitchen market in Dhaka Mehedi Hasan/Dhaka Tribune

While this has pleased consumers, it has caused discontent among farmers as they are not receiving fair prices for their produce

Amid bumper production and increase in supply, prices of winter vegetables in the kitchen markets of Dhaka city has gradually decreased.

During a visit to the city’s Hatirpool kitchen market on Tuesday, this correspondent found cauliflowers being sold between Tk20-25 per piece, cabbage between Tk15-20 per piece, eggplants at Tk20 per kg, bean seeds for Tk40 per kg, chillies at Tk50 per kg, sweet potatoes for Tk25 per kg, cucumbers at Tk25 per kg, broccolis between Tk20-25 per piece, raw papayas between Tk10-15 per piece, carrots for Tk15 per kg, bottle gourds for Tk20 per piece, pumpkins for Tk35 per piece, tomatoes for Tk20 per kg and peas for Tk35 per kg.

While this has pleased consumers, it has caused discontent among farmers as they are not receiving fair prices for their produce. Besides, wholesale and retail traders are not receiving expected profits, hence are waiting for summer to make up for lost profits.

Two types of retailers were found at Hatirpool kitchen market, ones who sold their vegetables inside the market, while the others sold their goods outdoors. This distinction also influences their products’ price.

Nasir Uddin, a vegetable retailer who operates inside the market, claimed the prices charged by outdoor vendors are lower because they are lower in term of quality. Additionally, the monthly rent charges force many like him to increase the vegetables’ prices.

Outdoor vendors Hanna, Rahima and Dulal refuted this claim, telling the Dhaka Tribune that the market authority takes daily rental charges from them as well, but as it is low in amount, they are able to charge Tk1-2 lesser than those operate indoors.

Rehana Begum, a housewife, said “The prices are satisfactory, thanks to large quantities of vegetables in stock. I hope the prices stay like this for a long period of time.”

Ashraf Hossain, another consumer, said the market authority or the government should allow farmers to directly sell their products without involving commission-earning middlemen, similar to the markets seen in villages, which will benefit both consumers and farmers.

Deputy Director of Department of Agricultural Marketing Tushar Kanti Samadder said the prices fell due to bumper production of vegetables across the country, which met the demands, but we also intend to increase monitoring of price hikes in future.