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New ride sharing service First Drive launched in Dhaka

  • Published at 10:17 pm August 1st, 2018
first drive
First Drive ride sharing app launch ceremony

First Drive will have a special focus on security, its creators said

A new ride sharing service, named “First Drive” has been launched in Dhaka.

The ride share service was launched by Akash Technology Limited at a press conference at National Press Club in Dhaka on Wednesday.

Sanjib Roy, the chairman of the local company, said First Drive will abide by all rules and regulations like other rideshare services in the country and the service's priority will be on the safety and security of passengers.

“Each car will have a CCTV camera for maintaining security. An SOS button will be available on the Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking device, so we can provide security through messages 24/7,” he added.

Managing Director Supti Roy said that the service has been launched only in Dhaka for now but would be made available in different cities across the country soon.

“Akash Technology Ltd began its journey in 1997 in the country. The company works in different fields including Digital Taxi meters, digital energy meters, CNG and automobile electronic elements, and Akash Track-Me Vehicle tracking. We got permission from BRTA in 2010,” she added.

She said the ride sharing service would offer incentives for cars and motorcycles to join the service and reference bonuses as well.